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Frequently Asked Questions

Rainbow Gutter Cleaning is a reputable company that provides top-quality gutter cleaning and repair services. As a former member of the Local Carpenters Union 1107 in Kenilworth, New Jersey, we assure you that you're only working with professionals.

When can you expect your gutters to be cleaned?

At least twice a year in the spring and the fall. June, July and August in the spring and December, January and February in the Fall. Some houses may need additional cleaning throughout the seasons.

What if I have a gutter emergency?

Emergencies do arise occasionally, and we make them our first priority. Call our offices at (908) 276-8258 if you have a gutter emergency.

What is automatic scheduling?

If you select automatic scheduling, your gutters will be automatically cleaned every six months (with an automated phone call to remind you).

As a new customer, am I automatically put on the automatic scheduling list?

No. If you would like to be a part of the auto-call list, please let us know. This will ensure a worry-free service.

If I have underground drains, what is the best way to keep them running clog-free and draining properly?

We often find it necessary to add a simple part to your system called a basket strainer. Over the years, we have found that they are very effective in keeping outlets open and your underground drains clean.

My gutter is allowing water to enter my basement; what can I do?

It is important to keep water flowing away from your house and foundation. We can add special extensions and elbows to help redirect water flow away from your home or walkways.

When my gutters are cleaned, where does all the debris go?

During the spring and summer season, there is usually less debris, so we cart it off-site. During the fall and winter season, there is usually much more debris due to the falling of leaves and branches. In this case, debris will be cleaned and bagged and left at curbsides for pickup by your local sanitation service. We can also remove the debris if you make a special request.

Contact our reliable gutter cleaning company in Kenilworth, New Jersey, to get an estimate on our excellent services.